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Schedule for Saturday, Feb 25, 2023. Subject to change.

Block One:The First Block
11:00a to 11:47 am

According to Dogs
Day Cares for Suckers


The Park
Left on Red

Wordle: The Musical

Block Two: Crime Doesn't Pay

12:02pm to 12:49pm


The Hostage Situation

100% Guaranteed (not for kids)

Shy Girls

Criminal Pets: Dogter Lickter

One Nineteen

Block Three: Food and Family

1:00pm to 2:25pm



Finger Licking

Smoothie Heist

The Hair

Sorry for Your Birthday

Rotten Bananas
The Payout
First Memory
Driving Mom Crazy
Compassionate Caren

Block Four: Local Films

2:55 to 4:12

A Spark of Madness 0:07:54

Looking Back 0:08:45

A Battle of Equilateral Collateral 0:09:38

Campus, Episode 1 0:12:04

Joe Returns a Video 0:12:30

A Minute of Your Time 0:10:00

Tender Moments

Block Five: Isn't It Romantic?

4:32 to 6:15

The Meetup

Dog-Gone it!

Rain Check


Royal Jumble

Love Note


The Mountain

Happy You Near

The Last Knight

Funky Chicken

Block Six: #ActorLife 

6:30 to 7:22

The Screening


Picture This

World's Worst Porn Movie

She's the Protagonist (foreign language)

Block Seven: A Lotta Different Stuff

7:32 to 8:39

Apocalypse for Dummies
T-Bone 0:02:32

Pearl 0:04:33

Padraig 0:04:59

Piss Up 0:01:19

Cheesed 0:02:35

Bran-don of the Dead 0:05:26

Stay 0:10:52

Garbage People 0:01:40

Great Art 0:05:00

Call of Nature 0:01:40

Dear Kanye 0:03:30

Woo Mates 0:05:32

Block Eight: Sci-Fi and Fantasy  

8:50 to 9:40

Space Mechanic II

Thinking Robots


Alien Whisperer Trailer


The Mosquito Killer

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